Cunning Plan, part 2, Attack of the Gremlins!! (aka, Oh my, it’s EFI!!)

Hi all, As you may remember, we left the story after Practical Performance Car’s £999 Challenge in June 2012. It had had a bit of an ignition Gremlin appear on that day, when the old… View Article

Published by: in Featured on the 02nd March, 2017

Frank’s Charity Track Day Club, how I accidently started doing track days…

Hi all, A few people have asked how I started doing my charity track days @ Blyton Park, so here it is. I think it’s best to start with a bit of my automotive history, and… View Article

Published by: in Featured on the 18th February, 2017

Cunning Plan, Part 1, From hedge to race track.

  Hi all, Here’s the first instalment of the story of my 1982 Mercedes 280e track car, project “Cunning Plan”. I hope to try and keep it all in chronological order, and add as much… View Article

Published by: in Featured on the 11th February, 2017

My 1st post, Atego screen frame repair.

Hi all, I thought I’d get a blog started, let’s see how this goes!!! I’ll start with what I’ve been going over this week, then in future installments I’ll delve into my murky automotive past…. View Article

Published by: in Techy, and how to type stuff on the 09th February, 2017